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While we encouarge you to look at the custom combo listing to find the perfect belt and buckle set for you, we are often asked which combinations are the most popular because it is so hard to choose! Our top combinations are:


  • "The Waterman" = Brown Belt + Brass Buckle
  • "The Riverkeeper" = Tan Belt + Red Bronze Buckle
  • "The Mariner" = Black Belt & White Bronze Buckle


Save $5 when you order one of these, or any other belt and buckle packages. 100% of the profits from your purchase goes to support research, recovery, and resilience in the the Chesapeake Bay watershed.


The buckles measure 2 1/4 inches long x 1 1/2 inches tall. The matching belts are made in the USA by Cape Cod by Leathersmith Jeff Taylor. Each one is hand cut from durable buffalo which has been carefully selected for quality, durability and style. The belts measure 1 3/8 inches wide, making them the perfect size for both men and women.



For best results, measure a currently used belt from the tip of the buckle, “A” to the hole you currently use, “B” (see photo). This measurement is your belt size. If you measure 38 inches, your belt size is 38. Alternatively, you can use your pant size in inches and add 2. So a 36" pant requires a 38" belt. Belts are custom made. Sizing is your responsibility, so please measure carefully!

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