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Buckle collectors will love this handmade buffalo leather belt! Each belt is made to order in Cape Cod by master Leathersmith Jeff Taylor. Buffalo leather is beautiful and durable and pairs perfectly with our oyster belt buckles. 


Choose from four colors: Black, Brown, Tan or Taupe. 


These belts are made to order, so sizing is important! For best results, measure a currently used belt from the tip of the buckle, “A” to the hole you currently use, “B” (see image). This measurement is your belt size. If you measure 38 inches, your belt size is 38. 


Alternatively, you can use your pant waist size in inches and add two. So, for example, a 36" waist would take a 38" belt. 


Belts are custom made. Sizing is your responsibility, please measure carefully!

Buffalo Leather Belt

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